Hello, I'm Pavel

I am a full-stack developer and chatbot enthusiast.

I like to call myself a "Russian guyovich building calm global company from a not-so-global place"

And that's true - I am from Russia, I have a small 3-men local company here in HRTech of my own

I spent years building various software: from desktop to mobile apps to web apps to serverless.

I started as a hacker and developer, grown to the team lead.

Big fan and a winner of several hackathons (including the biggest EU ones: HackJunction, AngelHack).

In 2014 on HackJunction Helsinki we build one of the first apparel chatbot for Shopify with a team of 4 and two years later we founded an HRTech chatbot company

For years we built hundreds of chatbots - all based on our own internal engine, for various enterprise tasks: HR, Recruiting, Parking management, etc.

But long story short 2020 almost ended my company, so I decided to try to do what I missed to do 6 years ago.

I took an in-house chatbot engine that we used for 6 years of chatbot building and made it public.

Chatbot hype is long gone, but I yet believe that it is one of the best ways to use and build software - you get all the value from the backend without any hassle of the frontend.

I launched API.chat so you can save your time and build amazing bots to solve your and your clients' problems like we did for years.

You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn and you can send me an email anytime to op@api.chat

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