Messengers deep links cheat sheet

The first impression is important. To make it smooth as possible in the case when you need some kind of id, code, or data for user invitation it's wise to use so-called deep-linking. Not every messenger supports it, but most do. Here are typical deep links for inviting to a chatbot in different messengers.

Apple  Business Chat Deep-link

For Apple  Business Chat

  • biz-intent-id - specify the intention, or purpose, of the chat
  • biz-group-id - indicate the group, department, or individuals best qualified to handle the customer’s particular question or problem
  • body -  prepopulates the message so the customer only has to hit send to initiate the conversation

Source, Example

Telegram Deep-link

Use 'start' query string parameter.

Source, Example{botName}?start={parameter}

Facebook Deep-link

Use 'ref' query string parameter.

Source, Example{PAGE_NAME}?ref={REF_PARAM}

Viber Deep-link

Use 'context' query string parameter.

Source, Example


VK Deep-link

Use 'ref' query string parameter. Optionally available parameter 'ref_source', which can be used in conjunction with 'ref'

Source, Example{group_name}?ref={parameter}&ref_source={source}

WhatsApp Deep-link

There is no direct support for query parameters and automatic start of a dialogue, but it is possible to transfer a number to select a contact and substitute the text of the first message.

Source, Example{phone}&text={text}

Microsoft Teams Deep-link

Use these query parameters for bot, tabs and etc. Query parameter 'context' may contain any json with data.

Source, Example{appId}/{entityId}?webUrl={entityWebUrl}&label={entityLabel}&context={context}

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