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Our platform is compatible with Bot Framework and with help of Azure Bot Channel Registration you can connect your chatbot to WebChat, Alexa, MS Teams, Slack, Twilio and much more, for free.
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Serverless XML-Based chatbot

Build your chatbot with XML scenario

No need to learn or use any coding language - our XML-based scenario is enough to write how your chatbot should behave, what media and buttons it should show, and how it should answer user requests.

Use acton API to integrate any third-party endpoint, cloud function, a no-code tool like Zapier or Airtable, and much more

Universal Channel limitations

Because there are a lot of channels and not a lot of me, uses Azure Bot Channel as a proxy for most of the channels. I slowly move the most-used channels from Universal to dedicated channels.

Azure Bot Channel has a set of limitations that defines which channel features can and can't be shown. Bot Framework doing its best to mitigate these limitations as well as the bot engine.

Bot Channel is free for Standard Channels like Microsoft first-party services (such as Skype, Cortana, and Microsoft Teams) and services with publicly available Bot APIs (such as Facebook and Slack). For Web Chat (Premium channel) - It free plan is limited to 10000 messages/month.

Before connecting a Bot Channel refer to the manual on how to create Universal Channel first.

Can't find your channel? Unable to connect one? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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