Frequently Asking Questions

What Messengers are supported?

Right now only Telegram messenger and Viber are publicly available, but we have channel connectors for most of the public and corporate messengers ready: Slack, Viber, Facebook, and Microsoft Teams - they in Preview right now and can be added on request. You can use your own connector as well if needed.

What Languages are supported? has built-in stemmer and lemmatizer for several languages, including English, Spain, French, Persian, Hindi, Russian.

Do you use Artificial Intelligence?

We use some elements of AI, mostly for NLP, data extraction, but we don't implement an NLU engine itself. Instead of this chatbot can be integrated with third-party services like Rasa, Dialogflow, Microsoft QnA which implement this functionality.

How long does it take to build a chatbot?

Using you can build a chatbot in minutes, and deploy it momentarily. Any updates to the chatbot will be delivered immediately on deployment.