Days Off Chatbot

This chatbot shows employees how many days off they have left once they search for their names. Tracking the number of days off for each person in the company done in google sheets, where you manually add/subtract their remaining days off.

This chatbot ask employee data (only a name), save it into Google Sheet via a simple "virtual form" - set of questions saved into internal memory. Then employee information is expanded with dayoffs which will be sent to user on request.

The chatbot is connected to Google Cloud Functions as an easiest wat to read and write Google Sheet data.

-- CODE lang-markup -- <bot> <states> <state name="Start"> <transition input="register" next="Registration">Please enter your name</transition> <transition input="*" next="Start" pending_keyboard="Register Me">Hello. Please Register first</transition> </state> <state name="Registration"> <transition input="*" next="Registered" morphology="msg" action="{msg}" no_stop="true">Welcome!</transition> </state> <state name="Registered"> <transition input="days" next="Registered" action="" pending_keyboard="Days Off"/> <transition input="*" next="Registered" pending_keyboard="Days Off">Press the button to get your Days off</transition> </state> </states> </bot>

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