Reddit Notify Chatbot

This chatbot uses Zapier Integration to notify you of Hot Post in Subreddit in Reddit.

Use our Zapier Integration to connect more than 3000 apps to your chatbots. For this use-case a Hot Post in Subreddit in Reddit zap is used to notify chatbot user about new relevant posts.

This chatbot works only for you (that's why it's consider as "personal"). To setup integration first you need to create a free chatbot in, connect a channel and send a system command `/chatid` to it. It will provide you with your personal chat id, which can be used in Zapier action to setup notifications.

Each time a new Hot Post will appear in Subreddit your chatbot will send you a link. You can add as many zaps as you need with different subreddits.

Chatbot itself does nothing here, so you can use simple boilerplate scenario.

-- CODE lang-markup -- <bot> <states> <state name="Start"> <transition input="hello" next="Start">Hello from chatbot</transition> <transition input="*" next="Start" morphology="msg">You send me {msg}</transition> </state> </states> </bot>

No additional code needed - it's all no-code

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