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The Complete Toolkit to Build Your Chatbots is an end to end serverless solution for building chatbots with XML-based scenario, multi-channel support, integrations — and much more 🤖
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We prepared and pack everything to save your time
Bot Hosting

Host your chatbot on an enterprise-grade platform with SLA-backed uptime of 99.95 percent

Multi-channel support

Use our built-in connectors to Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp Slack, MS Teams, and much more. Or connect your own channel

Basic Language Understanding

Use built-in NLU (keywords+) and Regex input support or connect any NLU engine of your choice.

User State Management

Save your time and create bot’s logic easily with our built-it state machine.

Memory Management

We provide short-term memory and long-term memory to store user answers and data

Third-party Integrations

Use our Action API to integrate any web-service or cloud function to get data from and into chatbot.


It's a faster way to build a bot

Visual tools are too slow, it's always faster to write ten lines of code in your favorite IDE than drag, customize and connect dozens of blocks.

It has a better readability

In visual tools, as soon as the number of blocks grows to several dozen, it becomes extremely difficult to understand the logic.

It's a faster way to deploy a bot

Serverless nature and built-in channels allow you to push your chatbot to production in mere minutes.

It's version controlled

From github flow to subversion, you can version control it however you like

"I use the platform every day for years and built dozens of HR chatbots for enterprise and small companies."

Paul O.
CEO HR Chatbot (RU) Features

For all your chatbot needs

XML-based Scenario

Use XML-based scenario for building chatbots of any comlpexity

No need to learn scenarios are based on XML - easy to learn and easy to understand language that almost anyone familiar with.
Use dev tools of your choice
You can use anything: from VSCode to Vim to develop your chatbots.
Add version control to your scenario and use GitHub-actions or any other CI solution to deploy your bot

Proactive messaging

Use proactive endpoint to send proactive- or push-messages to any chatbot user from any source.

Direct calls
Use a Proactive REST endpoint to directly push any chatbot user from any source with any messages.
Zapier Integration
Call Proactive API and push users from 3000+ apps  with simple Zapier integration.

Virtual Forms to collect data

Use virtual form to gather users answers and store it anywhere.

Deliver answers to Email
Deliver answers straight to your inbox with $memory.deliver_to:email modifier.
Save answers to cloud
Gather answers in the Airtable, Google Cells or any other table storage for further processing
Integrate any data storage of your choice
Need to store data in your system? Not a problem, use action API to deliver data on any REST-compatible endpoint.

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  • All supported channels

  • API for Custom Channels

  • Up to 5000 bot users

  • 500,000 messages/month

  • Live support

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  • + 1000 users

  • + 100,000 messages / month

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